Hello, Marc du Brule here. In this article I would like to discuss a concern that some of our clients have expressed when considering hair restoration, namely: what will others (that know me) think when they see me with a full head of hair?

This is an understandable concern; however, it is a worry that many ascribe too much importance. First, let me point out two facts: nobody chooses to lose their hair; and, secondly, if there existed a pill on the market that immediately re-grew all of your hair, everyone suffering from hair loss would likely take it.

It puzzles many hair restoration professionals that it is currently socially acceptable and even encouraged for individuals to pursue weight loss and cosmetic procedures such as rhinoplasty (nose jobs), breast enlargement and Botox.

However, a part of society feels that hair restoration is considered taboo and that those who are losing their hair should simply resign to having thinning hair or a shaved head.

How is hair restoration different from other means of self-improvement? The simple answer is that it isn’t.

Once they have obtained hair restoration, those clients with this concern are pleasantly surprised that most individuals don’t notice that they have had anything done with their hair. Quite the opposite, in fact: they report that others can’t quite place their finger on it but acknowledge that they look great and think that the person has lost weight or changed their wardrobe.

And for those that do notice, the response is positive and congratulatory. Because, let’s face it, if someone is critical towards your hair restoration, then they likely aren’t a friend of yours to begin with.

The subsequent opportunities and positive experiences make any concerns diminish substantially: our clients possess greater confidence, excel in their careers and build new and positive relationships with others (who don’t have any idea that they have received any hair restoration treatment, unless the client wishes to disclose this fact).

There are also a few strategies that individuals can use when receiving a hair restoration procedure. Timing can be incorporated such that if one is changing employers, this may be an optimal time to pursue hair restoration (because one’s new colleagues will not have a point of reference).

In addition, purchasing a new stylish wardrobe such as a new suit and/or dress shirts will automatically draw attention away from one’s new hairline. Many of our clients have reported success with both of these initiatives.

At the end of the day, however, it is clear that the concerns over what others will think is greatly exaggerated in the minds of those considering a hair restoration procedure. The confidence and positive outlook that one gains from a youthful appearance resulting from a full head of hair outweighs any negative concerns.

At Du Brule Hair Clinic we work with clients that are considering and pursuing hair restoration every day and are well versed on their concerns and provide coaching and solutions to overcome any perceived negative aspect. Give us a call today and meet with me in person and we can discuss further. Your initial consultation is free with no obligation to pursue a procedure.

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