Laser Light Therapy


The Pro-Hair Power Laser Comb is a Health Canada approved medical device. It uses Laser Light Therapy to treat certain types of hereditary hair loss and promotes hair growth in men and women.  This is a breakthrough device in hair growth with patented teeth technology that separates hair for maximum treatment results!



Eight minutes per treatment, three days per week. Place the Laser Comb on your scalp and leave it in one spot for four seconds. The convenient beeping, vibrating timer will let you know when to move it to the next spot.

Clinically proven, and doctor recommended, over 93% of participants in clinical studies experienced significant new hair growth with Laser Light Therapy. The Pro-Hair Power Laser Comb provides low-level laser light energy that stimulates hair follicles at a cellular level to promote new growth. With consistent use, most users see benefits in 16 to 26 weeks.


No head of hair is the same. Like fingerprints, each is slightly different. Hair bulb analysis allows us to zero in on exactly the right treatment for YOU. After a comprehensive exam and analysis, we might suggest one of our hair care products, Laser Light Therapy or ETG. We only offer these choices after a full analysis.

Confused? We can help!

Laser Light Therapy might just be the thing for you! Book a complete hair analysis to find out how we can best help you get and keep your hair!