Hair Analysis


Find your hair thinning? Noticing excessive amounts of hair falling out in the shower, in your brush, on your pillowcase? This is the beginning stages of hair loss.

As there is no cure for hair loss yet, we may think it is our destiny and there is nothing we can do about it, but yes we can!

You might resign yourself to the idea that you are losing your hair and many start thinking about other alternatives or even hair transplants when if you can address it early enough, that may not even be necessary.

There are many factors that influence hair loss. Genes, environment, stress, medication, health and scalp conditions all can have their influence on your hair. Some can be prevented and some improved.

With a Macrophotography hair analysis at duBrule Hair Clinic, we look at the hair bulb and your scalp on a microscopic level. These can provide information on possible deficiencies and ailments not detectable to the naked eye. Scalp conditions can hinder hair growth but once corrected, provide the best environment for hair growth. Left untreated, the hair follicles can become clogged and subsequently suffocate the hair bulb. The result is hair that comes back thinner and weaker and eventually… not at all.

But that is just part of the process. We also thoroughly investigate all other factors that could be contributors to hair loss. Your hair is a living cell and requires nutritional support. By taking this extra step in investigating aspects of your health, we can often see connections to your hair loss.

Sounds complex and it can be.  There are many reasons for hair loss and a single “hair growth” or hair loss shampoo is rarely the answer. And before you jump to prescription hair loss remedies, be sure the root cause or your loss will respond to those medications. For men, it is often a misconception that hair loss is DHT related. If it is not, medications, with all their potential nasty side effects and expense are being taken for no reason and will have no success.

Each person is different and each will require their own unique protocal to their specific conditions. But oftentimes, most required changes are small and easy but have the potential to provide great results!


Some Testimonials:

“First visited Marc in November of last year. Felt very comfortable from the get go and the staff was very welcoming. Started treatment for thinning hair and a year later I can definitely see results. The hair loss is next to none now. I am even starting to see some regrowth. Well worth the price to get what you want back. Taking a combination of recommended vitamins and the products have worked very well. Would definitely recommend Marc and Du Brule to anyone. Chris C.”


“Having suffered with thinning hair and poor scalp condition, I was extremely satisfied with the service that Marc and the Clinic provided. Just 3 months after starting their treatment I am noticing differences in the condition of my hair; it is slowly regaining its volume, the itchy and dry scalp have also healed quite significantly. Marc and the rest of the staff have shown me dedication for what they do, as they always guide you step by step, explaining to you the procedures, the products, and how everything comes together when it is applied. Overall, I am very happy with their service and would recommend it to people with hair issues to give the Clinic a try. Sebastian L”




No head of hair is the same. Like fingerprints, each is slightly different. Hair bulb analysis allows us to zero in on exactly the right treatment for YOU. After a comprehensive exam and analysis, we might suggest one of our hair care productsLaser Light Therapy or ETG. We only offer these choices after a full analysis.

There’s no cure for hair loss (yet), but we do know as an industry that the earlier you catch it, the better. Usually, together we can stop that hair loss in its tracks and even turn the back the clock up to 24 months. Stopping hair loss is also the imperative first step if you’re considering a transplant. Most doctors will refuse performing this procedure until they know you’re on a preventative plan. Hair transplants cost tens of thousands of dollars, so protect your investment!

Don’t wait till its too late! Take the steps to keep your hair!

With a Du Brule Hair Clinic Hair Bulb Analysis, we can provide a complete hair bulb diagnoses to determine any deficiencies or imperfections before they are even noticeable, and then address any imperfections with proper and effective treatments. We’ll tell you if you’re losing hair thanks to that lucky family lineage, or simply because of stress/diet issues. There’re many reasons for hair loss, and equally as many treatments. That’s why there’s no one fix all!
DON’T let all the products out there confuse you until you know the reasons for your hair loss. Then you will know which ones will work for you!

If you have early onset hair loss, it can be due to a number of issues including stress, and other health matters. We do thorough analysis into deep rooted issues and help you change behavioral factors.

There are so many ways we can help! Book a free consultation today!