Alberta is navigating its way through an economic downturn due to a significant drop in oil prices. Right now, more than ever it is important for those in the workforce, or hoping to enter the workforce, to look their best

As Clinic Director at Du Brule Hair Clinic, I have reviewed numerous studies that clearly determine that physically attractive women and men earn more than “average-looking” individuals, and “plain” people earn even less.

In the labour market as a whole (though not, for example, in astrophysics), looks have a bigger impact on earnings than education.

It’s not a perfect world, but it is the one we live in. The importance of appearance in the labour market is far more pervasive than one might think. Did you know that attractive quarterbacks in the NFL earn more than their less attractive counterparts, despite identical yards passed and years in the league?

In general, a handsome worker in Canada will earn approximately $230,000 more in a lifetime than a plain-looking person. The effects of beauty are far-spanning: attractive people have an easier time getting a loan than plain folks, even though they are less likely to pay it back; and those with attractive looks are far more likely to secure a job as compared to others with similar credentials. How crazy is that?

One 2015 UK study clearly demonstrated that bald or balding models are perceived more negatively on every dimension, such as personality, physical attractiveness, sense of humor, and kindness. Their physical attractiveness affected how people saw them in every other area of their personality.

Now that the Canadian economy is relatively unstable, it is key to look your best to maximize the probability of keeping your position, or gaining a new job if you have been laid off. At Du Brule, we don’t believe that anyone is “plain”. We know that each person is unique and that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

But perhaps that is how we help? I can’t even begin to count the lives we have changed by helping bring forth an inner confidence in someone that was maybe lost to them previously. The old adage rings true, “Look good, feel good.”

Of course, as we all know, having a full head of hair is a critical prerequisite to being regarded as attractive in the regular world.

For both men and women, studies exclusively link a full head of hair with a more attractive appearance.
Discovering hair loss is a stressful experience for both sexes and throughout the course of history attitudes towards baldness have been overwhelmingly negative.

Living with alopecia can be difficult in a culture that overwhelmingly views hair as a sign of youth and good health. Hair loss negatively affects one’s self-confidence, leads to dissatisfaction with appearance and body image, and lowers their opportunity to achieve success.

Studies show that in men who suffer hair loss, nearly 75% of them feel less confident since the onset of the hair loss; this effect is even greater among women.

Right now, in our economic climate, it is vital to be at your best so that you can compete effectively and perform optimally in the workplace. With a full head of hair, you will have the confidence and appearance to take on the world and succeed, even during relatively tough economic times.

We see this effect every day at the clinic. It’s important to note that restoring your hair almost always provides the impetus for additional self-improvement attitudes and actions: you will want to go to the gym more, swim more often and eat healthier. This effect is quite remarkable.

If you have been laid off then now might be the perfect time to invest in yourself. Some of our clients are concerned about what others will think when they obtain a new full head of hair, but if you are currently changing positions, then why not start at your new employer looking your best!

We also pride ourselves on becoming your coach – we’re available at all times to provide you with strategies and support as you transition to having a full head of hair.

It starts with you – today. Give me a call at: (403) 228-3945 phone_forwarded or e-mail to schedule a complimentary consultation and let’s start to correct your hair loss that will lead to a new and improved you.

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There are many ways WE CAN HELP!
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