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The bad news first:  there is no cure for hair loss (yet!). :(

A cure would be considered a totally reversal of the hair that has been lost. At best, you can regrow the hair that you have lost in the last 24 months. Some amazing things are in trial phases, but won’t be viable options for hair regrowth for 6-8 years. To learn more about what can be done for you we recommend coming for a consultation.

The more hair you can keep in the meantime, though, the better. There are hair restoration techniques available now that are worth looking into.

If even 24 months of hair regrowth wouldn’t satisfy you, don’t lose hope! There are some FANTASTIC non-invasive options like Ultragraft!

As an industry, we DO know how to stop hair loss. Taking steps EARLY is key.

There’re a few reasons people lose their hair, they are…

  • DHT: 60% of the reason people lose hair. This is the pesky hormone that some of us have inherited a sensitivity to through genetics and family lineage. It attacks hair follicles so that over time, the hair produced becomes finer and weaker until it is no more.
  • Lifestyle: Believe it or not, factors like poor blood circulation, bad diet, stress, or other issues can lead to hair loss.
  • Hygiene: Improper hygiene that is! Sometimes your scalp can produce too much oil because of genetics, generic hair products, or other issues that can show up as oil hair or even dandruff. Over time, this oil works its way deep down into the hair follicle and hardens suffocating new growth.
Check out these raw unedited shots of some of our clients’ results.





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