Hello everyone, Marc du Brule here. Today, I’d like to introduce BIOLON: the leading light-weight, versatile cranial prosthetic that completely assists those dealing with hair loss.

This is a perfect solution for those dealing with Female Pattern Baldness, Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totaliais and Trichotillomania.

Available for men and women, BIOLON is the bio-identical man-made product that simulates real natural hair. Identical in density (thickness of the hair) to real natural hair, BIOLON has the weight and pliability that perfectly simulates all characteristics of natural hair.

The fiber can be curled and styled into almost any type of desired look, resulting in a completely natural appearance.

For instance, a typical natural hair prosthetic is 10” to 12” in length and weighs more than 180 grams, whereas a BIOLON product weighs only 80 to 100 grams. The one inch front face is soft and contours the front hair line naturally and the hair is applied with a single knot designed to be undetectable.

Inner panels are comprised of a soft net, reinforced for durability and contain a non-slip component for a secure fit. Temple-to-temple stretchable panels mean the BIOLON cap is light, airy and secure. Each BIOLON product can be cut and styled to provide a personalized and fashionable look.

In short, the BIOLON product is simply the most versatile, light-weight and natural-looking cranial prosthetic available in the market today.

I’m also pleased to let you know that Du Brule Hair Clinic is the exclusive provider of the BIOLON product in the City of Calgary. With our personal and sensitive approach and over 45 years of experience in non-invasive hair restoration, we ensure that you receive an optimal, non-invasive hair loss solution.

Here’s what a Du Brule Hair Clinic client, who has been coping with hair loss due to chemotherapy, has to say about her recent experience with BIOLON:

“I have been a client of Du Brule Hair Clinic for several years and have always been happy with the personal care and attention that I receive. I recently upgraded to the BIOLON product and have to say it’s that best I have ever had. It’s incredibly lightweight, comfortable and so easy to manage. Best of all, it’s completely natural looking. I love it!”

Special May BIOLON Promotion

For the entire month of May, Du Brule Hair Clinic will be providing a 50% discount on all BIOLON product purchases. Stop putting off dealing with your hair loss and start your summer looking your best by taking advantage of this special offer.

I encourage you to Give me a call at: (403) 228-3945 phone_forwarded or e-mail marc@dubrulecalgary.com at your earliest convenience to schedule a private and personal Free Consultation. I’m confident that you will be very satisfied with our high quality service and your customized BIOLON product.

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There are many ways WE CAN HELP!
Book a free consultation today!