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 When you are given the diagnosis of cancer and chemotherapy is required, this is an incredibly traumatizing and devastating experience. What exacerbates this is that chemotherapy often causes hair loss.

At du Brule Hair Clinic, we see the devastating effects chemotherapy can have and we strive to help by giving you beautiful natural feeling and comfortable hair so you can look beautiful throughout this difficult time.

Our hair prostheses are specifically designed for the sensitive scalp during chemotherapy. They are ultra-light, reducing itchiness with plenty of breathability.

All our services are in private spacious rooms for you and anyone you may want to bring with you for support. And we want to be there throughout your treatment with follow-up styling sessions to ensure you are feeling your best!

There is good news. Hair loss due to chemotherapy often starts to grow back once treatment ends.

So when your treatment is completed and your hair begins to return, we will help you transition back to your natural hair.

We also carry specialized treatment kits for pre and post chemotherapy. These kits are very helpful throughout the process as they include a shampoo specifically created to be very gentle for sensitive scalps, and spray on lotions ideal for promoting hair growth by aiding cell formation, protein and essential vitamin enrichment proven to aid in new hair growth.

This is a difficult time. We hope we can be there to help you feel and look the best you possibly can and at least take one worry away.




Trichotillomania (TTM) is not a very well known disorder, but if you are affected by it, it can be devastating.

Trichotillomania or “hair pulling disorder” is classified as an impulse control disorder which involves a person pulling out their own hair, from the scalp or other parts of the body.

This pulling can result in bald patches on the scalp or body but when it is done to the scalp, it can create more stress and shame which can fuel the impulse to pull even more.

At duBrule Hair Clinic, we are very familiar with and have the experience of treating many clients with TTM.  We know it can be embarrassing to go to a hair salon, to get the questions or the looks. So much so that you may even avoid going out to get your hair cut at all. But then what are you to do?

Come see us at du Brule Hair Clinic. We invite anyone with TTM to feel comfortable to come to us for any of hair services. We offer private rooms for discreteness but just as important, we offer we understanding, compassion and acceptance that will facilitate a positive hair salon experience.

And if you are needing more help than just haircuts, we are here to provide beautiful natural hair prosthesis, to help you restore your appearance improving self-esteem and self confidence.

Call our office to book an appointment, and we are here to help.


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There are so many ways we can help! Book a free consultation today!

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We encourage you to book a consultation with our clinic. There is no fee for this service and we strive to inform you with all the options we have available so that you can make an informed decision and feel confident you found the right place to bring back your sprit.

There are so many ways we can help! Book a free consultation today!