Scalp-Micropigmentation (SMP) Calgary
SMP or Scalp Micro Pigmentation is a procedure Du Brule Hair Clinic offers. F.U.R. (follicular Unit Replication) is a procedure where the scalp is medically tattooed. SMP gives you the look of stubble, giving you the buzzed cut look. These pigments are applied at the scalps epidermal level to create natural looking realistic hair follicles or strands, depending on your case. The procedure is life changing for most.
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Follicular Unit Replication



SMP creates the look of stubble for the guy that wants to have the shaven look without the bald look.

At Du Brule Hair Clinic we call this FOLLICULAR UNIT REPLICATION or “F.U.R.”

F.U.R Process is one that deposits pigment into the epidermal layer of the scalp in tiny spots that will look like hair follicles. Many clients have done this to create the appearance of stubble but it is also perfect for the receding hairline, balding crown or general thinning where F.U.R can create the look of increased density by filling in sparse areas and therefore great for BOTH men and women.

This procedure is completed in our surgically set up facility. A few sessions are required and are done methodically so your transition is very subtle and effective.

Our F.U.R procedure is also very effective in diminishing the appearance of scars – often by previous hair transplants but any scar on the scalp can be treated.

For Women Too!

F.U.R might be exactly what you need for your thinning hair. This works for women by decreasing scalp colour tones, and increasing natural hair tones!

amazing results