Follical stimulation
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ElectroTrichoGenesis (ETG)

ElectroTrichoGenesis involves the use of a device comprised of an ergonomically designed chair with a semi spherical hood containing electrodes. The hood is positioned over your scalp with no direct contact. Energy is delivered passively to the scalp by the low-level electric field generated within the hood. Du Brule Hair Clinic is the only provider of ETG in southern Alberta.
Results published in the International Journal of Dermatology showed that 96.7% of those treated with ETG managed to stop the hair loss and confirmed an average increase of 66% of hair growth after 36 weeks of treatment. The study was conducted for 70 weeks and confirmed that patients on average achieved a further 30% increase in hair volume. Most people reported an improvement in hair condition with regards to thickness, shine and strength.

In short, ETG provides the following benefits:

• Is clinically proven for 96% effectiveness
• Promotes hair growth
• Fully computerized
• Requires less than 30 minutes a week
• Suitable for men and women


ETG is just another tool in our arsenal. Book your FREE consultation now to learn more!


No head of hair is the same. Like fingerprints, each is slightly different. Hair bulb analysis allows us to zero in on exactly the right treatment for YOU. After a comprehensive exam and analysis, we might suggest one of our hair care products, Laser Light Therapy or ETG. We only offer these choices after a full analysis.

For WOMEN too

ElectroTrichoGenesis in some cases is a perfect choice for women’s hair loss. Call or contact us today for a hair analysis to see if ETG is right for you!